The 3rd Hammerfest Taekwon-Do Open

jan 30, 11 The 3rd  Hammerfest Taekwon-Do Open

The 3rd
HAMMERFEST TAE KWON-DO OPEN 24th of September 2011 in Hammerfest, Norway.

Dear Taekwon-Do Friends
On behalf of Tae Kwon Do Academies of Norway, I would like to invite you to the 3rd Hammerfest TKD Open, at the 24th of Septebmer 2011.

The championship takes place in:
Hammerfest, Norway and is hosted by: Tae Kwon Do Academies of Norway.

This ITF-Style event is open for colored and black-belts, kids, juniors, seniorsand veterans, and if the interest is big, we will also have a tag-team competition (three persons per team, one 4 minute round, all team-members must have been in the ring, point-stop).

The venue for the championship is “Isbjørnhallen”, a sports centre located 2 km from Hammerfest City Centre.
In 2010 we had competitors from Sweden, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Norway, and this year we expect competitors from Ireland, Finland, Russia, Great Britain, Norway and more.

Information about Hammerfest:

Accomodation: Rica Hotell Hammerfest, Thon Hotell Hammerfest. Please find enclosed all details regarding classes, divisions, accommodation etc. We would really appreciate it if those interested in participating at this event could send us a message as soon as possible and we will send the information about the classes, divisions etc.
If there are anyone interested in activities such as snow-mobile riding, skiing, fishing etc please let us know and we will help you organizing this.

Best regards
Master John A. Svendsen VII Dan